How much Weight Could I Lose While Taking Topamax?


Asked by MorganMaeFreeborn

How Much Weight Could I Anticipate Losing Taking Topamax For Migraine?

I've just been put on Topamax for migraine prevention and already feel the side effects. Especially the no need for food. I've heard ill lose A LOT of weight. Will I?



A key point to remember is that side effects listed for any medication are POTENTIAL side effects. We may or may not experience them. It's important not to start a new medication assuming that we will experience those side effects, or we most likely will because our minds powerful enough to influence whether or not we experience the side effects. Taka a look at Hope Is an Essential Element of Migraine Management.

In the clinical trials of Topamax for migraine prevention, those who lost weight lost an average of 2.3% of their beginning body weight. Although it was a farily common side effect, not everyone in the trials lost weight. In the clinical trials of Topamax for migraine, the number of people who lost weight depended on their dosage. At 200 mg per day, only 2.1% of participants experienced weight loss as a side effect. If you need other information about Topamax, take a look at our Topamax profile.

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