Weight gain leads to personality changes

People who gain a significant amount of weight may experience personality changes as a result of the extra pounds, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). .

While previous studies have found that some personality traits predispose people to weight gain, little research has explored if and how personalities change after  weight is gained. But the scientists at NIH analyzed two sets of data 10 years apart on the personality traits and weight of more than 1,900 people. They found that people who had a 10 percent increase in body weight grew more impulsive and were more likely to give in to temptations than the people whose weight remained more or less stable.

The people who gained weight also became more self-conscious of their impulsive decisions and showed increased sensitivity about their appearance.

"The inability to control cravings may reinforce a vicious cycle that weakens the self-control muscle," the researchers wrote in the journal Psychological Science. "Yielding to temptation today may reduce the ability to resist cravings tomorrow. Thus, individuals who gain weight may have increased risk for additional weight gain through changes in their personality.”

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Sourced from: Live Science, Weight Gain May Change Personality