Weird Blister Like Sore On My Left Please


Asked by Shyfroggy

Weird Blister Like Sore On My Left Please

Hi, my name is Lee and I'm 22. I had a pain in my left breast below my nipple a coupled days ago. It felt like a bug bite i guess i would say but when i checked there was nothing there. Now I've just noticed a couple hours ago that I have a blister like sore i guess you could call it close to like the size of a dime maybe. Its red and inflamed and tender and is now oozing blood and worried should I be? Could it be cancer? I'm scared and not sure what to think...


Lee, this might well be an infected bug or spider bite. Since it is oozing pus, I would recommend that you see a doctor. You wouldn't want the infection to spread. If you don't have a doctor or insurance, you could try warm compresses and an antibiotic ointment as a home remedy. If that doesn't clear it up in a couple of days, then it will be important to find a doctor--maybe at an urgent care clinic.

It is very unlikely to be cancer. There are some types of breast cancer that can look like an infection, but they don't usually drain pus. However, if the symptoms persist after a bug bite would have gotten well, a doctor's examination to rule out Paget's Disease and/or inflammatory breast cancer would be necessary.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson