Welbutrin And Flat Affect


Asked by apete

Welbutrin And Flat Affect

Hi all, I was started on Wilburtin for depression by my PMD.It helped with my depression and for 2 weeks helped with my anxiety but I feel very unmotivated and flat. My friends have even asked what's wrong with me. I'm super boring. I've been on the 150 dose and I just bumped up to the 300 dose and no change. I've been on Cymbalta and became paranoid, and Lexapro made me super sleepy and terrible dreams. I went for the first time to a psychiatrist and she said I don't have depression I have a major case of ADHD. I've self medicated with amphetamines in the past but it makes my anxiety bad, bad, bad. Any thoughts on this flat affect on Wilburtin and what to do about meds???


Hi Apete

I think this can be a common result of taking an antidepressant is this flat affect. I felt that as well when I tried Prozac. It was like you could stick me in any room and let me sit there and I wouldn't care. "You want to get some ice-cream" or "Can I run you over with a truck?" might get the same emotional response from me. I dare say...I didn't like the feeling.

Okay so...I guess the question is...what do you feel you have? Were you feeling depressed? Is it anxiety? ADHD? or a little of all three? It is very possible to have co-morbid conditions. I guess I would take a look at what actual symptoms are most bothering you and write those down...and the you can figure out what you can do about them.

I am going to give you the link to the ADHD site...please feel free to come on over...I am a writer over there as well.

Let us know more details and we would be glad to try to provide more resources and information to help you.

Thank you so much for your question.

Answered by Merely Me