Welcome to HealthCentral's First Ever Myth Week

April Fools!

No special diet and you're shaving just fine (but could you imagine?!)

How can you avoid getting fooled by your health? Join HealthCentral for our first ever MYTH WEEK!

Learning about our health is never a straight path, and can often include uncovering and debunking medical mysteries or bad advice. Here at HealthCentral, we want to make getting reliable health information easier. That's why for one week, we'll be highlighting content that exposes medical myths. We'll also be having a little fun by sharing some of the weirdest things we've discovered about health over the years.

For example, did you know the length of your fingers can help determine your risk for mental imbalances?


Credit: Thinkstock

Crazy, right? This one's actually true!

Learn more about this odd health story and others like it all next week (April 3-7), right here on HealthCentral! We'll be sharing health news in areas ranging from mental and sexual health to chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma.

Here's another one: Myth or fact? Jelly beans and other candies may contain insect parts.

You'll have to follow along next week for the answer! Get updates on all of our Myth Week stories by:

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