Welcome to Spine School

Health Professional

Time for school, spine school. Millions of people experience some type of back pain every year. Billions of precious dollars are spent chasing the pain. With these types of epidemic numbers, everyone can benefit from some education about spine pain. The answers to what's, why's and how's can help to dispel fear, frustration, and disappointment. Fear comes from the unknown. Frustration comes from the unclear. Disappointment comes from the unrealized. All of these "un" words can be undone with health education at spine school. Epidemics are solved with knowledge.

Come with me to school. I take on the questions and give you straight answers based on the latest research about the spine. With the right information, you can get on the road towards recovery. This information is not meant to replace a proper, thorough evaluation by the right doctor. Everyone is different and every situation is different; thus, individual evaluation is critical. However, not every doctor has the knowledge or ability to properly treat the spine. And quite honestly, some health providers are motivated by profits, not by science. So, you should be informed and empowered with some basic information. Like a good launching platform, spine school can point you in the right direction.

For admission to spine school, just follow the link to the new back pain page here at ChronicPainConnection.

No fees, no uniforms, no detention, and best of all no homework; there is something for everyone who has ever experienced low, mid, or upper back/neck pain. Afterwards, the fear can turn to calm. The frustration can turn to acceptance. The disappointment can turn to accomplishment. With knowledge, anything is possible.