Whart Is A Dr. Specializing In Cholesterol Called?


Asked by Robert Odom

Whart Is A Dr. Specializing In Cholesterol Called?

What is a dr. specializing in cholesterol called ?


Hello Robert Odom,

Lisa Nelson is absolutely right about cardiologists dealing with cholesterol, just to give you a bit more on which doctors deal with cholesterol.

Many doctors deal with managing cholesterol. The three that commonly deal with the disease are internists (an internist is a physician that specializes in adult medicine; also both cardiologists and endocrinologists (who are internist that receive extra training, i.e. specialists, in the heart and hormone disorders) see patient's with the disease.

If you have high cholesterol, your internist (or family medicine doc, primary care physician, etc) can deal with 99% of cases. Only rarely does one of the specialists I list above need to primarily manage your disease. Your primary care physician should direct your to a specialist if your disease does not get better with standard treatments.

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Neil MD

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