What Is Allred Score Mean Of 8 Mean


Asked by Karen C.

What Is Allred Score Mean Of 8 Mean

I was recently diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma with a Nottingham score of 6/9. An Allred score of 8. Can you give me any information on this?


Karen, the Allred score indicates how strongly your tumor is estrogen-receptor positive. A score of 8 is high, so that probably means that your tumor will respond well to hormonal treatments like Tamoxifen. The Nottingham score suggests how aggressive a cancer is. Nine is the highest, so I would think that a six would be in the intermediate range. Our guide to understanding a pathology report will help you understand some of the other details. Only your own doctor can tell you what these two numbers mean for you because your doctor has all the other information about your medical history and the other features of your tumor.

When you are first diagnosed with breast cancer, all the new terminology can be overwhelming, so if possible take someone with you to appointments to take notes and help you with asking follow-up questions. I wish you the best as you begin your treatment.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson