What Is An Alternative For Lexapro?


Asked by nurdreams1079

What Is An Alternative For Lexapro?

My boyfriend is supposed to take lexapro everyday & if he does not he is a completely different person, & not in a good way. He needs it to deal w/ everyday stresses. Otherwise he will stress about EVERYTHING __ !****!

(ex. how I do the laundry & how its not how he would do it & he doesn't understand why I do that way) He doesn't like lexapro because it causes him trouble sleeping, difficulty climaxing, & makes him feel foggy, so he is refusing to take it, even though he NEEDS it. He wont go talk to the doctor, he has done some research and thinks he knows all there id to know. Unfortunately when he doesn't take it he is very unreasonable, & stubborn, & its very hard to get to listen to anyone. I need help because the stress just keeps building & he cant deal w/ it on his own, & I dont want it to get to the point where he snaps, like he has done before. (hes not violent he just gets depressed & could get suicidal) Is there another pill that will have the benefits he needs w/out the side effects? Or, is there something he can take w/ the lexapro to counter act the side effects? Please help me help him!!


Hi -

I'd like to add to one question Judy raised - have you talked with him about what you're seeing in his behavior and how it affects you? This is one of the most important things you could do. I know you're concerned about his snapping and may feel that you'd be adding to the stress he feels. But if you hold back until you snap, then there's the danger that you could pour out a lot of your hurt in anger and just get into an argument. I'd try to find a time when he's a little less stressed out and you're feeling OK and then talk to him about the change you see in his behavior when he's on medication and when he's not.

Whatever he may know in his mind about depression, that knowledge isn't helping him with stress. You should point out how his irritability and carping are hurtful to you as well. If lexapro has unacceptable side effects, there are dozens of other medications to look into, but that requires a visit to a doctor. Psychiatrists are much better informed about specific effects of these drugs and interactions with each other, but it sounds like he would resist seeing one - is that true?

I know he wants to believe everything is fine, but he needs to hear the specific ways in which it's not.

Please feel free to stay in touch here.


Answered by John Folk-Williams