What Are Some Alternatives To Darvocet N-100?


Question: What Are Some Alternatives To Darvocet N-100?

Asked by Medstudent489

I am currently prescribed Darvocet N-100 for my chronic back pain. I personally don't feel safe using them because of the high amounts of Acetaminophen that are in it. Is there anything that is just as strong as Darvocet without as much acetaminophen that I could switch to and where exactly does Darvocet N-100 stand compared to other strong pain medications?

Answer: I've seen Darvocet described as a 'minor' narcotic in the class of hydrocodone and vicodin. Stronger narcotics included such things as morphine, methadone, oxycodone, OxyContin and fentanyl.

Darvocet N-100 does contain alot (625 mgs) of acetaminophen - that's about the upper limit of acetaminophen you can find in a drug. (You should never take more than 4000 mg of acetaminophen in a day.). Based on the fact that there are more powerful pain drugs out there with less acetaminophen in them, speaking purely as a layman, I would think you'd be able to find a replacement with less acetaminophen.

I've heard that you can get such things as Darvocet compounded (made in a compounding pharmacy) with aspirin or ibuprofen but I don't know how difficult it is to get that done.

It is possible to get a few narcotic drugs that contain no additives at all but it's not easy. The additives are placed in the drug in order to enhance the narcotics effect and thus to reduce the amount narcotic necessary to reduce pain.

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