What Antidepressant Would Be Best For Peri-menopause Symptom Releif


Asked by denise

What Antidepressant Would Be Best For Peri-menopause Symptom Releif

i started having symptoms of peri-menopause about a year ago, heart skipping beats, increased bleeding, throat feeling as if there is a lump in it, fatigue. I am definitely not depressed but three doctors recommended antidepressants to help with the perimenopause. I started celexa 1 month ago and feel better, but some side effects are disturbing, especially the anorgansmia and decreased libido. My husband and I used to enjoy a healthy great sexlife. I like the way I feel on celexa, my symptoms are gone, but some of the side effects are maybe not worth it. Yawning, teeth clenching and insomnia are also some side effects I have. Are these going to improve or could I lower the dose to 10 mg per day?


Hi, Denise,

If only there were an easy aswer to this! Sadly, there just isn't. Everyone's body reacts so differently to perimenopause, hormones, and medications that the answer to this is very individualized. Whether side effects will go away also depend very much on the person, although after a month, one would expect the side effects of the Celexa to have gone away if they're going to. Whether a reduced dosage of 10mg would help with the side effects is something you'd find out only by trying, but it's possible, so please discuss it with your doctor.

What kind of doctor are you working with on this? If more than one, ask them to consult about this, preferably on a conference call with you participating.

Wellbutrin is sometimes prescribed for people who experience anorgasmia and decreased libido with other antidepressants, so that's something else you can discuss with your doctor.

One more suggestion -- discuss with your doctor adding a 1,000mg evening primrose oil softgel, once a day, to your regimen. Many women find that it helps with perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

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Answered by Teri Robert