What Is Atheromatous Aorta?


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What Is Atheromatous Aorta?

It was a chest x-ray result given.



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An atheromatous aorta is one that has plaque formation lining the wall of the aorta which is the major blood vessel that leaves the heart. These plaques contain calcium and this shows up on an X-ray along the vessel walls. It can also be seen within other arteries of the body. Atheromatous vessels can be an indication that a patient has a higher risk for developing blockages in arteries such as the heart, legs and brain.

I suggest you discuss this finding with your doctor for his interpretation of this finding. He might suggest you have your cholesterol and other fats in your blood checked. If elevated, treatment may be advisable to help minimize the risk for problems in the future.

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Martin Cane, M.D.

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