What Is The Best Treatment For An Allergy To Hair Dye?


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What Is The Best Treatment For An Allergy To Hair Dye?


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I am concerned that you are regularly exposing your body to something to which you know you are allergic. The best treatment for allergies always begins with prevention, which takes the form of avoiding all of your known allergens to the best of your abilities. Instead, you are dyeing your hair frequently, knowing that you are allergic to the dye. One reason the Celestamine may no longer be as effective could be that your allergy intensity is increasing as a result of the repeated exposure.

Celestamine is a steroid. Steroids are very effective in treating allergies and asthma, when used judiciously. If your doctor is OK with you taking a steroid to prevent a reaction to a known allergen that you might better have avoided in the first place, then there will certainly be other steroids that could be tried.

Your best course of action in such a case is to discuss this with your doctor, who knows you and your allergy and treatment history best.

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