What Is The Blood Pressure Medication, Coreg Cr 20 Mg?


Asked by Debbye Wilson

What Is The Blood Pressure Medication, Coreg Cr 20 Mg?

How is Coreg CR 20mg diffrent than the regular Coreg (which looks like it is oval in shape other than the one I am using which is a white and yellow capsule? I understad that it may contain Lastix...is this true. I have never had a problem with retaining water and wonder why the doctor has prescribed this medication. Before my heart surgery, I was prescribed Norvasc and Atenenol....why the switch?


Hi Debbye,

Coreg CR contains the same active ingredient as Coreg, which is carvedilol, and they both belong the class of blood pressure lowering medications called an ACE inhibitor. The difference between the 2 medications is the fact that they have different durations of action. Coreg CR lasts longer in the body then regular Coreg does, which means that patients only have to take the CR version once a day compared to twice a day with the regular Coreg. Neither medication contains Lasix. Only your doctor knows why he decided to switch your medications, and I'm sure he would be more then willing to give you an explaination if you were to ask.

Thanks for your question!