What Could Blood In The Semen Indicate?


Asked by Suzanne Ogden

What Could Blood In The Semen Indicate?

Young 20 year old male has had a lump in his testicle for a while now. The lump is not painful. He has recently had blood in his seman, what could this indicate?


Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for your question. Many things can cause blood in the semen, including a simple infection or inflammation, which often go away on their own.

However, the lump on the testicle is DEFINITELY a cause for concern. Although there is a good chance that the lump is a completely benign cyst, it could also be a cancerous growth. Please follow the symptom checker for Lumps or Pain within the Scrotum. Testicular cancer is most common in young men.

Please have the young man contact his doctor and set up an appointment IMMEDIATELY.