What Is A Bone Density Test


Asked by collinsbettie8

What Is A Bone Density Test


Hi collinsbettie, sorry for the delay. DXAs are bone density tests that tell your physician how dense your bone are and if you have osteoporosis or osteopenia (low bone density) or normal bone mass. It's a painless test where you lie down on a table and an arm passes over you measuring your calcium content, in your bones. Once you have the test you will be given or should ask for your results and the following is an example of the scores you'll see. Any score above -1.0 is normal bone density -1.0 to -2.5 means osteopenia (low bone mass) Any score below -2.5 is osteoporosis Good luck and I hope this helps. Post again if you have another question.

Answered by Pam Flores