At What Age Do Your Breasts Stop Growing?


Asked by fightbreastcancer

At What Age Do Your Breasts Stop Growing?

Whenever I am in the shower I try to do the BSE(Breast Self-Exam) but I can't do it without so much pain. My breasts already hurt without even touching them and whenever I take my bra off the weight pulls them down and that causes more pain. I tried going to sleep without a bra on and I still wake up with soreness. I was wondering at what age do your breasts stop growing because I was thinking that maybe it's just growing pain. I am 18 years old.


This does sound very hormonal; at your age, your hormones are still VERY active. This much pain is unusual, though, and you shouldn't need to put up with it. See your doctor; I'm betting there are drugs that will adjust your hormone levels, and thus give you some relief.

BTW, kudos to you for making it a part of your daily shower to examine your breasts; it's a habit that will help ensure good breast health going forward. While the symptoms you describe don't sound like breast cancer symptoms (since pain rarely is; and your pain involves both breasts), don't stress about cancer. But DO see the doctor for some pain relief! Best of luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel