What Can Migraine Preventive Treatment Do (VIDEO)?

Patient Expert
Medically Reviewed
Dr. Elizabeth Loder

For those of us who have three or more migraines a month, or whose migraines are especially severe and debilitating, migraine preventive treatment is usually recommended.

Migraine preventive treatments can serve other purposes and have other benefits as well. For people with frequent or especially debilitating migraines, preventive treatments are a valuable part of a multi-faceted management program that includes:

  1. accurate diagnosis and a doctor who works with us as treatment partners,
  2. educating ourselves about our migraines,
  3. trigger identification and management,
  4. preventive treatment,
  5. abortive treatment,
  6. rescue treatment, and
  7. support.

To get a clearer picture of the role and benefits of preventive treatments, we turned to Dr. Elizabeth Loder. Dr. Loder is a leading migraine and headache specialist and the past president of the American Headache Society. Here's what Dr. Loder told us:

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