What Can Cause Blood Pressure To Jump To 180/125?


Asked by Lynn

What Can Cause Blood Pressure To Jump To 180/125?

My pressure is usually around 100/70, but for the past few months, I have been getting a weird feeling, and when I take my blood pressure, it is much higher than normal. It has gone up to 180/125. It lasts for a while, then slowly comes back down. What could cause this?


I'm not a doctor and certainly can't diagnose the issue -- you should see your doctor if this is something that's concerning you, for sure.

I will say that what you're describing sounds like it might be linked to anxiety. This isn't unusual at all -- we feel something strange, like a skipped heartbeat, and we become anxious about whether that was normal or not, and this concern sends our adrenalin pumping, which raises blood pressure. If you find this happening, try taking a few deep breaths and staying calm. I'm not sure if it will help, but it might help your feelings if nothing else.

If it says an issue, please do see your doctor about it. Here are some articles you might find useful:

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