What Would Cause My Blood Pressure To Be So High 160/98 Upon Waking In The Morning?


Asked by Margie

What Would Cause My Blood Pressure To Be So High 160/98 Upon Waking In The Morning?

I have been on 25 mg Topral twice a day for several years. During the past month my blood pressure has been spiking, specifically in the morning upon waking. My Dr. increased my topral from 1 to 2 pills in the evening.. Still high in morning..

Is there something else going on that would cause this. Should I be looking for something wrong with my kidneys.. Bye the way, I just had blood work done and dr. says kidney function is normal but they did find trace of blood and white cells in urine..


Hello Margie,

A couple of things about your question.

First, good job on checking your BP at home!

A common cause of high blood pressure early in the morning is from your blood pressure medication essentially wearing off, especially with a medication like a short-acting metoprolol. Metoprolol is a great medication (its inexpensive, very few side effects, treats a lot of diseases) but is also not great for lowering blood pressure more than 20 mmHg on your systolic blood pressure. Be sure to mention to your doctor that your BP remains high in the morning. He may want to try another medication or increase your dose of metoprolol.

Second, without knowing all the numbers on your urinalysis and the rest of your medical history, it's difficult to say what your results mean. Commonly, a urinary tract infection can cause a lot of white cells and trace blood in your urine. Be sure to bring these results up, too, with your doctor for your own piece of mind.

To your health,

Neil MD