What Could Cause Breast Dimpling, Large Lump And Pain That Is Not Cancer?


Asked by CoolBreeze

What Could Cause Breast Dimpling, Large Lump And Pain That Is Not Cancer?

I'm 51 and have had fibrocystic changes in my breasts my entire adult life. Several months ago, I noticed dimpling and a large lump in my right breast. It felt smooth so I didn't worry. I waited a cycle and when it didn't go away, I set up a diagnostic mammogram. I thought it was probably just a cyst but in the time I've been waiting for the test, it's gotten harder and more painful, and it appears that there is some very light bruising-like discoloration in the skin above the lump. I'm confused as they say that pain is not a symptom of breast cancer but dimpling may well be. I would estimate the lump between the size of a strawberry and lime. I am seeing a doctor but what could it be aside from cancer?


It's good that you have set up an appointment for a mammogram. As PJ says, this could be a fibroadenoma. It could also be a cyst that is just a bit different from others that you have had in the past. Although pain is often associated with cysts and rarely associated with cancerous lumps, it is a myth that breast cancer never hurts. In fact, pain was the first symptom I had with my breast cancer. Unfortunately I believed the myth that breast cancer doesn't hurt and delayed seeing a doctor. It's certainly too soon for you to panic. Most breast lumps are not cancer, but do be proactive with your doctors to find out what this is as quickly as possible.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson