What Would Cause Brown Discharge From My Nipple?


Asked by tracey78

What Would Cause Brown Discharge From My Nipple?

I get brownish nipple discharge from my right nipple, but only if I squeeze my breast, and even then it's only a tiny drop. Could this be an early symptom of breast cancer, or is it something else?


Nipple discharge is almost certainly not a sign of breast cancer; not because it's impossible, but because there are other more likely causes. Nipple discharge isn't generally dangerous. It can range from clear and thin to thick, sticky, and dark-colored, depending on the cause behind it. Nipple discharge can be the result of galactorrhea, a hormonal imbalance; an infection in a milk duct; or fibrocystic change, among other things.

Should you be concerned, or is it OK to wait and see what happens? Usually it's OK to simply wait and see if nipple discharge abates on its own. This is especially true when the discharge is clear or milky; if it's happening in both breasts, and happens only when you squeeze your nipples.

Since your nipple discharge is happening in just one breast; and it's dark, rather than clear, it would be best to see a doctor for a diagnosis of what's causing it. It's always wise to get breast changes checked by your doctor, especially if they last longer than a month. If your doctor is unable to determine a cause, consider asking for a second opinion from a breast specialist. Good luck.

Answered by PJ Hamel