What Would Cause An Enlarged Uterus


Asked by madison

What Would Cause An Enlarged Uterus

I am 52,and menopausal, have been on bioidentical hormones 4 years. I have had unusuaL cramping, and painful sex. I just had a pelvic exam and the doctor says my uterus is enlarged. What would cause this now?. I have no history of fibroids or anything else. I havent had bleeding of any type in over 3 years.


The most likely cause of an enlarged uterus is a fibroid that is growing. Usually fibroids will begin to shrink with menopause, but not always. You won't always have a sign like bleeding that this is happening, but your cramping and painful sex may well be related. I would imagine your doctor has recommended an ultrasound. This will help to see that it is a fibroid and how large. Often they require no treatment, but--if it gets larger--may require removal.

Good luck to you.


Answered by Sandy Greenquist