What Causes Excessive Drooling in a 2 Month old with Reflux?


Asked by Patricia A. Pokrop

What Would Cause Excessive Drooling In A Two Month Old With Reflux


Hello Patricia,

Drooling is a symptom of reflux is babies. During an episode of reflux, acid and food is forced up and out of the stomach into the esophagus. Some babies spit up and vomit. Other babies have silent reflux and the liquid drools out of the mouth or is re swallowed. I wonder if your baby would accept a pacifier or a bottle of water to push the acid back down. If it is not bothersome or excessive, a bib will catch it. The acid may be irritating and some babies develop a rash on their chin and neck. The doctor may have a good suggestion for a cream or lotion to protect the skin.

The clammy skin is a bit of a mystery. The autonomic nervous system regulates body temp, respiration, digestion,etc so it could be connected to the reflux. What does the doctor think?

Jan Gambino

The Reflux Mom

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