What Cause Foot Pain And Around And Under My Ankle?


Asked by Mariel

What Cause Foot Pain And Around And Under My Ankle?

About three years ago I started to feel a lot of pain in my feet. The pain is around my ankle and heel. I also feel a burning sensation, and for the past six months I also feel pain on one side of my hip. What could be causing this?


It sounds like you need to see a doctor -; possibly an orthopaedic specialist -; to find out exactly what the problem is. In the meantime, try using our Symptom Checker to narrow down what might be causing your foot and ankle pain. It's usually pretty good with foot problems. It could be something like plantar fasciitis (a problem with the tendon on the bottom of the foot), or it could be related to the hip pain. Only a doctor who can do the proper imaging scans will be able to tell for certain. Good luck!

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Answered by Karen Lee Richards