What Causes a Rapid Decline in an Alzheimer's Patient?


Asked by Cathy

What Can Cause A Rapid Decline In Alzheimers Patient In Stage 6 Within The Last Few Days?

Within the last 2-3 days the confusion is worse and sometimes her

speech seems slower and garbled. Her blood pressure is good and her physical health is also good. She was very restless at night before but now she sleeps all night and most of the day.


Hi, Cathy,

I agree with Carol's assessment. The one thing I learned in watching my mom's battle with Alzheimer's is that it's not a linear disease. By that, I mean the progression moves in fits and starts; one day the loved one seems just fine, and the next day, a tremendous decline in mental capacity is visible. It's also hard to tell what part of the brain is under attack by the disease. In my mom's case, she never lost her speech, but she suddenly developed problems swallowing food, which was caused by a combination of her Alzheimer's disease as well as her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

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