What Causes Chest Pain While Lying Down or Sleeping?


Asked by Cmh1377

What Could Cause Strong Chest Pain While Lying Down Or Sleeping?

For the past year or so, I have been having what I can only describe as "attacks". Approximately, one or more times a week and they last about 5-15 minutes -- the majority of which happen while I'm lying down or sleeping. I feel like there's a 400 pound person sitting on my chest, and I have a hard time catching my breath. Does this sound like anything in particular?


With such a deep pain and palpitations in certain positions (you note lying down) this would seem to indicate Mitral Valve Prolapse. Many young women have this condition and it can contribute to palpitations, chest pains, anxiety, even breathlessness.

However, your first step should certainly be to visit your physician to discuss the symptoms with him or her, and perhaps a cardiologist. Pain that only occurs in one position is usually not indicative of a heart attack, but please have this checked out. MVP is a condition you should be aware of. Best of luck!

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