What Would Cause My 16 Year Old Daughter To Have Blue Vomit?


Asked by ogabo

What Would Cause My 16 Year Old Daughter To Have Blue Vomit?

My daughte has always had a very sensitive stomach. She has thrown up regularly, most commonly in school. When she is home, she suffers from headache & vomiting, and usually sleeps most of the day.

She was recently home and had soup and soda. Again, she vomited, but this time it was a deep turquoise blue. She has vomited again since then, but the blue vomit has not reoccurred. When questioned, she swears that she didn't eat anything besides what we gave her, and she's on no medications, so I don't understand. Can anyone help?


I was intrigued by this and did a search. It seems that this has happened to other people and generally the answer is not found. There was one question raised in a journal but the answer was not there, so I'm afraid I don't know. Another answer seemed to suggest it may be as a result of copper poisioning, but that wasn't certain either.

Most importantly though, I am very concerned that your daughter is having such a hard time of things and not getting relief. If she isn't already seeing a GI specialist now might be the time to get one but while you are waiting I would take this new symptom to her doctor. This might just be a very important piece of her puzzle. I hope you were able to take a picture of it to take to the doctor. Gross, yes, but pictures can really help.

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