What Causes Blisters On My Feet?


Asked by Frustrated!!!

What Causes Blisters On My Feet?

I have started getting blisters on my toes. My doctor says this is "creeping" (I think?) My toes have started curling downward when I put my tennis shoes on. Has anyone ever heard of this? I usually wear alot of flipflops during summertime, but occasionally wear my tennis shoes when I work out. Also, my doctor recommended that I buy a pair of "walk-fit" shoes (I just do not like them!)-Are there any other tennis shoes that others recommend to get out and run errands, go to the gym, etc...?


Has your doctor given you any indication of what this may be? If not, ask for a referral to a dermatologist to get the list is checked out. Do you have RA? If not, do you suspect you may have RA? Check out our area about the basics of our RA to see if anything rings a bell and if they do, ask for a referrals to a rheumatologist, as well, to get things checked out. You may also want to consider seeing a podiatrist who may be able to tell you what's going on with your feet.

Flip-flops are very bad for the feet and although they're comfortable in the summer in terms of coping with the heat and being the next best thing to going barefoot (which feels so good in the summer), they have absolutely no support. Check out my post on your wardrobe and RA for links to places that sell shoes that are not only good for your feet, but stylish, too.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW