What Causes Clitoris Pain?


Asked by reidcaro

What Causes Clitoris Pain?

Recently I have been experiencing sharp pain in my clitoris. When I examined it, it looked raw, as though skin was missing. What can cause this?


Clitoris pain is quite commin if you are maturbating often or if you are having vigorous sex. Damage or injury to other parts of the vagina, including the vaginal opening and the labia, can also cause what is called "referred pain" in the clitoris, meaning the pain is being caused by another structure but being felt in the clitoris itself. Rashes and some household chemicals can also cause clitoris pain, or the pain could be a sign of an infection. If you are experiencing this pain and also begin to run a high fever (over 101), experience chills, or have an elevated heart rate, seek medical attention immediately.

If the pain persists, I would definitely speak to a doctor about it.

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