What Causes Coughing and Throwing up After Eating?


Asked by Arsines

What Causes Coughing, Losing Your Breath Then Throwing up? It Only Happens After Eating.

My husband had a cold approximately a month ago. Once he started feeling better, his cough persisted. He coughs and coughs until he is red in the face and most of the time he vomits up liquid and sometimes food he has just consumed. Then his coughing subsides. The doctor said his lungs are very clear. My husband's dad has GERD though. So it may be a weird version of that?? I have Gerd but it is diagnosed. My husband doesn't have heartburn ( which is what I suffer from) but he has occasional indigestion.


This can be because of acid reflux, and can be brought on by a cold. My daughter's only symptom of reflux is a chronic cough that we figured out was due to reflux when all of the asthma/allergy meds did nothing for it. Putting her back on the reflux meds she was on as a baby took care of it.

It's also possible that the reflux is stimulating a cough that then continues until he is able to vomit up some of what is irritating him. I am not a medical doctor, so you might want to have a doctor check it all out.

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