What Causes Elbow Pain That Radiates Down The Arm?


Asked by katiebird1962

What Causes Elbow Pain That Radiates Down The Arm?

I have pain in my left elbow that radiates to my ring and pinky fingers. It has the sensation of hitting my funny bone. Does anyone know what it is?


Here is a link that will describe the most common causes of elbow pain: Elbow Pain

If it does turn out to be tennis elbow, what I've personally found most effective is to wear a tennis elbow brace on my forearm, just below my elbow. It sounds weird, but it works really well. The brace on the forearm protects the elbow from being strained when you use your arm. It usually takes two or three weeks to heal with the brace. Without it, I'm not sure it would ever heal because everytime I use my arm, it strains the elbow a little more. Here are links to a couple of different styles of tennis elbow braces so you can see what they look like and how to wear them:

ACE Tennis Elbow Brace

Aircast Tennis Elbow Support

Answered by Karen Lee Richards