What Causes Elevated Bnp ?


Asked by PamB

What Causes Elevated Bnp ?

I had a test in June and it was 250. I had another blood test in

sept. and it was 756. what causes's it to elevate?


Hello PamB,

BNP, or brain naturetic peptide, is a chemical produced in the heart (contrary to the name!) when muscle cells there are stretched by high fluid loads.

This lab test is commonly used by physicians to determine the cause of shortness of breath in people with heart diseases, especially congestive heart failure. Higher values of BNP indicate heart failure. Sometimes, BNP can be elevated and a patient not be in heart failure; this happens frequently with kidney disease.

Heart failure is a disease where the heart can no longer pump blood as effectively as it once could. This loss of function allows fluid to build up, commonly in the legs and lungs.

Heart failure is a serious condition and should be closely monitored by your physician. If you have not had your BNP values explained to you, you should make an appointment with your doctor soon to go over them.

Hope this helps.

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Neil MD