What Causes Headaches On The Right Side Of The Head?


Asked by joselyn tinambacan

What Causes Headaches On The Right Side Of The Head?

I have a headache on the right side of my head, as well as soreness in my right eye. What could be causing this?


This is a question that many people have, so I want to add to what Nancy said and provide some information that may help people know more to discuss with their doctors.

There are many possible causes for right-sided headaches. Eye soreness too has multiple possibilities. One possibility is migraine. Migraine usually, but not often, affects one side of the head, and eye pain can be an accompanying symptom. You can find comprehensive information about the symptoms of migraine in Anatomy of a Migraine. Cluster headaches are another possibility. They're also unilateral (one-sided), and can include other symptoms that involve the eye on the side of the headache. For more on cluster headaches and their symptoms, take a look at Cluster Headache - The Basics.

It's important that headaches be investigated and diagnosed, so seeing a doctor is important. As Nancy noted, if your doctor isn't able to help, seeing a migraine and headache specialist is the best thing to do. For help finding a specialist, see Migraine and Headache Specialist Listings.


Answered by Teri Robert