What Causes High Triglycerides But Normal Cholesterol?


Asked by Squeezebox

What Causes High Triglycerides But Normal Cholesterol?

I've been diagnosed with high triglyceride levels, but my HDL and LDL levels are considered borderline acceptable. I've been on birth control for several years due to an androgen imbalance. I've been using Yaz for the past year. Why would my triglycerides read double acceptable values while cholesterol reads just about normal?


The formula to calculate total cholesterol is: Total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + VLDL

VLDL is estimated using triglycerides: VLDL = Triglycerides x 0.20

Wondering why I've shared this?!   Well, what impacts HDL, LDL, and triglycerides differs.   That means one of you values can be abnormal, while your total falls within normal range.   Sugar and alcohol have the greatest impact on triglycerides.   I recommend reading the following article to evaluate your diet and lifestyle to see where you may need to make changes, bearing in mind that it may be that you need to attack your high cholesterol on several fronts.

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN