What Causes Multible Blood Blisters On The Torso?


Asked by buster

What Causes Multible Blood Blisters On The Torso?

What cases or is a condition of...multiple tiny blood blisters anteriorally and posteriorally on the human torso, particularly on the back?



I preface my answer by telling you that I am not a doctor.

Are you sure that they are blood blisters? Did you get a sunburn? Any allergies? Was there any friction from clothing?

Here is some general information about blisters and including blood blisters .

However this warning about unusual melanomas comes from the Australasian College of Dermatologists : "Others have little or no brown pigment and appear as reddish patches or like blood blisters."

If you have concerns about the blisters I would definitely talk to your doctor or dermatologist about them. Hopefully it is nothing to worry about but your doctor is the only person who would know for sure.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me