What Causes Numbness In The Head? Sinus?


Asked by Qwe

What Causes Numbness In The Head? Sinus?

Hi, hope your well. I have a question regarding numbness to the head. Can sinus cause severe numbness/ pins and needles in the head. There have been 3 incidents where i get pins and needles feeling in my head and then a lot of tightness around the left side of my chest and upwards to the face. The pains comes out of nowhere and feels like it is an attack of some sort. Also i have an ear infection. I would really appreciate some help and advice on what to do.

Many thanks



This is difficult to address because you didn't say where on your head the numbness is. That said, I've never heard of sinus issues causing numbness, and certainly not tightness in the chest.

PLEASE talk with your doctor about these symptoms. With the chest tightness, you need to be sure you're not having any cardiovascular issues.

Please talk with your doctor and let me know what you find out?


Answered by Teri Robert