What Causes The Pain In My Right Lower Rib Cage?


Asked by Jo

What Causes The Pain In My Right Lower Rib Cage?

I am 28-year-old female and have had this pain in or below my right rib cage for 18 months. It extends down to a feeling like stretched muscles on my right side down low. I have seen my doctor and had scans and x-rays, and everything seems fine. We recently decided to have another baby, so I asked my doctor what she thought about it because the pain was still there and she said she thought it was a good idea to help forget about the pain? Now I'm 10 weeks pregnant and still uncomfortable a lot of the time. I feel a bit panicky. What do I do?


As someone who's not a doctor I can only give my opinion. A pain for 18 months is no joke and I can understand your worry. My suggestion would be to get another doctors eyes on this problem. If nothing shows up there you're in a bit of a quandry regarding what to do about this..

The promising thing about this pain is that you've had it for 18 months - plenty of time for it to progress to something serious - and that hasn't happened. That suggests it could be a mysterious pain and mysterious, pain which do not signify you have a serious illness do occur.

Regarding the pregnancy doctors are well schooled in what conditions do and do not effect a pregnancy. You might be surprised at the serious conditions which do not effect whether a women should get pregnant or not. My guess is that your doctors have found your symptoms do not fit something that might effect your pregnancy.

In any case, I would try and get a second opinion; a second opinion is well warranted - you've have a painful condition for over a year that shows no sign of relief and now you're facing a pregnancy to boot; those are two excellent reasons to see if you can get this resolved.

Good luck!

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