What Causes Ridges Across My Nails?


Asked by Amy Brasher

What Causes Ridges Across My Nails?

What can cause ridges to appear across fingernails?


Hi Amy,

Nail ridges can be caused by several different things. Vitamin or iron deficiencies, illness, disease, or simply age. I've read that vertical ridges that run from the base of the nail bed to the tip of the nail become more common as we age.

One thing that I've noticed is that when I've been really sick, stressed, or treated with high-dose steroids, I will develop horizontal nail ridges. These tend to grow out with the nail.

If you are noticing significant changes in the appearance of your nails, please show your doctor and discuss what might be causing them in your case. The changes might indicate an underlying disease. Or they may just be caused by stress (as in my case).


Answered by Lisa Emrich