What Causes Severe Low Back Pain When Standing up?


Asked by Sootie

What Causes Severe Low Back Pain When Going To A Standing Position After Sitting?

I have some spurs in the L4-L5 area that, until recently, gave me only occasional pain. I have gained about 10 pounds over 6 months. Now the pain in the low back - right above the "tailbone" is so severe that I can hardly walk at times. It hurts most when I'm getting up from a seated position or when I've walked for any period of time. Any help?


When arising from a seated position, a person has a tendency to arch the low back as the shoulders lift up. Improper body mechanics and weakness in the legs exaggerates this motion. If there are any pain genarators in the posterior column of the spine like the facet joints, the low back pain will get worst when going from sitting to standing as the stress on the posterior column increases.

Try some strategies for improving your ability to get up without triggering pain.

Losing the extra weight will also help. Try the anti-inflammatory diet.

And consider seeing a spine specialist.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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