What Causes Sharp Pains When Inhaling?


Asked by scarecrow1f9

What Causes Sharp Pains When Inhaling?

I've experienced pain in my sternum, chest, and back over the last couple of years making it increasingly difficult to sleep. While awake, My sternum area is sensitive. Things like sneezing cause intense pain to the sternum area, and sends what feels like shots of pain through my lungs. Sneezing also causes really horrible pain! I'm worried that perhaps it's a lingering issue from a previous injury - most of which were self treated. What does this most closely sound like? Thanks!


Hi Scarecrow1f9,

I encourage you to contact your doctor for an evaluation to determine the cause of you pain/discomfort. Here's a link to some information:

Sharp Chest Pain: What it Means and When You Should See Your Doctor

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Lisa Nelson RD

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