What Causes Sinus Pain/pressure Especially When It Rains?


Asked by Jennifer

What Causes Sinus Pain/pressure Especially When It Rains?

what is causing severe sinus pain/pressure, especially (but not always) when it rains or there's a shift in weather? I don't know exactly when it started, but several years ago I would have sinus problems. Pain and pressure are the main problems, not watery eyes and runny nose. It's been getting worse. Now I also experience vertigo. They give me sprays and pills, but nothing is working. An ENT said I didn't have poylps that he could see. What's causing this and what can be done? I can't live with this.


You've probably already tried antibiotics. Many sinus infections are caused by bacteria which are treated with antibiotics.Some doctors, though, believe many sinus infections are due to a yeast infection rather than a bacterial infection. Unfortunately if you do have a yeast infection then the antibiotics may have made it worse. See URL below for an article by a well-known chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia Dr. on sinusitis and yeast infections and some cheap home remedies that may be able to help.