What Causes Stabbing, Sharp Pain In The Foot And Toes?


Asked by Jordan

What Causes Stabbing, Sharp Pain In The Foot And Toes?

What could be causing pain on the top of my foot just behind my toes? It radiates out from my toes. It is almost like a burning sensation, though not on my skin but inside my foot. It's aggravated when I walk and hurts almost constantly. It's also so painful it wakes my up when I am sleeping. What could be causing this?


You might want to check out what's called a Morton's neuroma. Morton's neuromas are caused when a thickening of the tissues surrounding the nerves in the toes compresses those nerves, causing burning, cramping, and tingling sensations.

You can find some treatment options for Morton's neuroma at the url below, and then give the other links I've included a look. In order to get this properly diagnosed, though, you'll have to see your doctor. Good luck!

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