What Causes Stomach Pains After Sex?


Asked by Jee360

What Causes Stomach Pains After Sex?

My girlfriend has been having constant stomach aches since the last time we had sex. Maybe two days after that up until now she's still been hurting. She hasn't missed any periods just yet. But she says her stomach has been still hurting as if she has cramps. She believes she's pregnant. Could she be correct? There are no other symptoms except the crampings. I'm a bit frightened. I'm hoping its a change in her period cycle that's causing the pain.


Some very early signs of pregnancy can include cramping, swollen tender breasts, fatigue, morning sickness and backaches, but a more common explanation may be a bruised cervix. During intercourse it's possible for the cervix to be bruised, which can lead to cramping and stomach tenderness. If it continues it's worth getting checked out by a doctor, but a bruised cervix may be an easy explanation.

My best advice is to wait until the pain passes and then to try to be quite gentle the next time you have sex.

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