What Could Be Causing Leg Pain And Burning Just To The Right Of Shin Bone?


Asked by Syb

What Could Be Causing Leg Pain And Burning Just To The Right Of Shin Bone?

I visited my family physician and told him of a pain I developed in my shin (immediately to the right of my shin bone) which feels as if it is burning. It feels like a shin splint would feel but hurts most when I elevate my leg rather than while I'm walking. The pain is intermittent and will feel better when I wake up in the morning and feel okay during the day while I'm working, but when I get home and put my feet up, the burning pain starts and doesn't subside until late in the evening.

In the past, the pain has lasted for as long as a week and then subsided for a week. Recently, it started again. My doctor ordered some blood tests to determine if the cause was from my medicines or a possible clot. The determination was no. I'm taking armour thyroid and estrogen. About 2 1/2 years ago, my doctor prescribed daily aspirin therapy as well as 2,000 mg fish oil and B100.

What could be causing this?


Hi Syb -

Did you ever find the cause of this pain? If so, you might consider coming back here telling us what the diagnosis was and what treatments seemed to work. It might be helpful to the people in this thread (and others!) who are going through the same thing. The fact that the pain only happens when you put your leg up is very strange - I'd be interested to find out what your doctor found out!

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Be well!

Answered by Amy Tudor