What Could Be Causing Pain In My Collar Bone?


Asked by bckn4m

What Could Be Causing Pain In My Collar Bone?

Lately I have been having pain in my collarbone. What could be causing pain this?


Pain in the collarbone (or clavicle) could be caused by a wide variety of things, ranging from injury to nerve issues to degenerative disease. If you've suffered a blow to that area recently, it's possible the collarbone could be bruised or fractured. A recent accident could also cause a whiplash injury, which could also trigger pain in the area around the collarbone. You might also have problems with your rotator cuff that are causing pain in that area, or a nerve that has become impinged from strain or overuse. Or the pain could be caused by diseases such as arthritis or bursitis, or it could be the result of problems with your cervical spine or ribs. On the darker side of the spectrum are such conditions as the autoimmune disease polymyalgia rheumatica or cancer. In any case, it's best to let your doctor be the one to diagnose the exact cause of your pain. All the best in finding relief!

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