What Is Causing The Vibration In My Right Breast?


Asked by daisy

What Is Causing The Vibration In My Right Breast?

I have been experiencing recently a vibrating sensation in my right breast just as described as many others on this website. I am concerned that it may be a symptom of breast cancer. Has anyone more info or a diagnosis on this? I am 41 years old. No breast cancer history but my mother has had breast cancer recently. I breast fed my little girl 3 years ago. I have no other symptoms at present. I do suffer from anxiety and would like to hope that this could be simply linked to that. Any info gratefully received. I think a trip to my GP may be in order but will he think I am going mad?


Hi Daisy - while your mother having breast cancer does increase your risk, a vibrating breast apparently isn't a breast cancer symptom. Many women experience this, and no one is quite sure what it's due to. The most reasonable explanation I've heard is that it's spasms of the tiny muscles around your nipple, which set off larger spasms. Be sure to mention your mother's experience with BC when you go for your appointment, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel