What Should I Do To Clear Up Blocked Montgomery's Glands?


Asked by Christine

What Should I Do To Clear Up Blocked Montgomery's Glands?

I have had a few of these little bumps around my nipples a while (not on the peak part, just the coloured areola around that), and white stuff can come out when I squeeze them sometimes. . . how do I clear them up?


Christine, make sure you keep your breasts clean - wear a clean bra, shower regularly. Also, if your bra is too tight, or is made of a non-breathable material, try getting one of a friendlier fabric - those wicking fabrics are very nice, and cotton, though it sounds old-fashioned, is very good to your skin. You might try a little rubbing alcohol, lightly applied, as that could tend to dry up the skin a bit and help prevent those pores from getting blocked. Also, it's probably not a good idea to squeeze them; try hot compresses if they seem irritated. Finally, if it bothers you a lot, best to see a dermatologist, OK? S/he could probably prescribe some cream for you. Good luck - PJH

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