What Could The Constant Pressure Be Caused By Right In The Middle In My Pubic Bone Area?


Asked by Cleo

What Could The Constant Pressure Be Caused By Right In The Middle In My Pubic Bone Area?

Symptoms: Extreme pressure on my bladder, constantly needing to go to the bathroom (and going without problem), it also seems like all my genitals are overly stimulated occassionally. The symptoms are extremely worse after intercourse, exercise and generally get worse throughout the day. There is no pain or discharge associated with it. I- October 6 - Visited general practitioner number one because I thought I had some kind of urinary tract infection. Although the symptoms I had was not like a regular ut infection but the doctor carelessly prescribed medication to treat it.- October 7 - Visited general practitioner number two because medication was doing nothing. He did some urine testing, which came out negative and thought maybe my bladder was going into spasms. He gave me medication for yeast/bladder spasms.- Now the weekend had come, my symptoms did not go away and in fact got worse.- October 12 - Visited general practitioner number three. Finally I had a pelvic done, where we discovered the discomfort was coming from my right ovary. Then I had an internal/external ultrasound done which supposedly revealed that an ovarian cyst popped. I was told that all symptoms should be gone within a few days.- The symptoms never entirely went away and now I'm at the same stage with the symptoms as I was in the beginning.- Went in for my annual PAP today and saw a nurse practitioner. They did an internal ultrasound again and only found that I'm in mid-cycle and there's an egg in my right ovary. I was given an answer which was, maybe the egg is pushing on your ovary which is putting pressure on my bladder. The recommendation is to deal with things for a couple weeks and if things haven't improved, then make an appointment with the OB doctor.By indicating all these symptoms, is there possibly an answer out there?


First of all I am so sorry you are going through all of this and for so long.

I can tell you that I have been through the same thing! I also had the horrible pressure on my bladder...they gave me meds for a uirnary tract infection...they did no good. Then they did an ultrasound and I had a cyst on my ovary. But in the meantime I was in terrible discomfort. The other thing going on with me at that time was I had a new prescription for Prozac. I don't know if this had anything to do with what was happening but when I stopped taking the Prozac...my urinary issues went away. Are you taking any new meds at all?

Did they say anything about fibroids? Those too, can cause pressure on the bladder.

They have some over the counter medications for the pressure...but do ask your doctor what you can take.

I would demand that they do something to help you relieve the discomfort. I know firsthand how horrible the feeling is. It was like an elephant was sitting on my bladder and I couldn't go. My symptoms were especially bad at night...had to take Benadryl just to get some sleep.

Keep after your doctors and have them give you something to help. I do hope things improve for you. If you keep having cysts this is something to talk about with your doctor...they may put you on some birth control pills to stop you from ovulating and prevent these cysts from happening in the first place.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me