What Cost-effective Alternatives Are There To Exforge?


Asked by Gizmo22

What Cost-effective Alternatives Are There To Exforge?

I am 30 years old with chronic hypertension. As I eat well, am not overweight and in otherwise good health, I believe this is due to heredity. I am currently taking 50 mg of Atenolol and Exforge 5/160 to control the pressure. With a recent insurance change, which eliminated my RX card, my physician prescribed 10 mg of Amlodopine and 40 mg of Lisinopril, which I have yet to take. Is this the best alternative to Exforge? I do have history of chronic UTI and the Lisinopril possible side-effects scare me.


Hi Gizmo22,

Your physician is really your best source of advice on appropriate medications for your situation. If you did not discuss your UTI concerns with your physician in regards to lisinopril I recommend doing so. Your physician may have another option that does not have this potential side effect. Also, you could always consult another physician for a second opinion.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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